MS Project Integration with Scrum for Team System 3.0 (SFTS)

When using the Scrum for Team System 3.0 template from EMC (formerly Conchango) the integration with Microsoft Project doesn’t recognize the ImplementedBy link that is used to create the Parent/ Child relationships between the Product Backlog Items (PBIs) and the Sprint Backlog Tasks (SBTs). 

To make this work, you simply have to update the FileMapping.Xml file that is in the Classification directory.  If you need to update a project that is already deployed, however, you’ll need to import the new file with the TfsFieldMapping command on the server.

To update the file, simply add the HierarchyLinkType key.   I have included the entire file for SFTS below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.Id" ProjectField="pjTaskText10" ProjectName="PB Item ID" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.Title" ProjectField="pjTaskName" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.WorkItemType" ProjectField="pjTaskText2" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.AreaPath" ProjectField="pjTaskOutlineCode9" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.State" ProjectField="pjTaskText3" ProjectName="PB Status" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.IterationPath" ProjectField="pjTaskOutlineCode10" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.Rev" ProjectField="pjTaskText23" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="System.AssignedTo" ProjectField="pjTaskResourceNames" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="Scrum.v3.WorkRemaining" ProjectField="pjTaskRemainingWork" ProjectUnits="pjHour" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="Scrum.v3.EstimatedEffort" ProjectField="pjTaskWork" ProjectUnits="pjHour"/>
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="Scrum.v3.TaskPriority" ProjectField="pjTaskText12" ProjectName="Task Priority" />
    <Mapping WorkItemTrackingFieldReferenceName="Scrum.v3.BusinessValue" ProjectField="pjTaskText13" ProjectName="Business Priority" />
    <LinksField ProjectField="pjTaskText26" />
    <SyncField ProjectField="pjTaskText25" />
    <HierarchyLinkType LinkType="Scrum.ImplementedBy" />

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