TFS Installs Get Stuck Needing to Reboot (TF255466)

I commonly run into an error after a TFS installation where the server gets locked into a state of always thinking it needs to reboot.  This is especially annoying when you are trying to configure additional build servers or something like that where the configuration of the agents is dependent upon a clean bill of health in the System Checks.  Even when doing the reboot, the check isn’t cleared and you’re stuck in a bad place, no doubt annoyed with the computer and TFS.

  [ System Checks ] TF255466: The configuration process for Team Foundation Server cannot continue. A previous update or installation requires a restart of the operating system. Restart the computer, and then open the administration console for Team Foundation to restart the configuration wizard.

The solution isn’t difficult at all, but you will need to make a registry change on the server to clear this out.

  1. Under Run, start REGEDIT.  You will be prompted to run this with Administrator credentials.  Click Yes.
  2. Navigate to the key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
  3. Find the Key: PendingFileRenameOperations
  4. Delete this key
  5. Go back to your installer and re-run the System Checks

You should be up and working at this point.  Don’t worry about deleting the key; it is regenerated the next time the OS needs it.


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