Scrum for Team System (SFTS) Update Lags

The Scrum for Team System (SFTS) template uses a custom web service to do calculations and enforce transition rules for TFS work items.  This is really handy, but in TFS 2010 I’d noticed a lag between when a work item was saved and when it was actually caught by the listener.

Today, I ran across a MSDN blog entry by Chris Sidi that specifically addresses the issue.  Unlike TFS 2008 that issued Work Item change events immediately through the web service, TFS 2010 aggregates all of these to be processed every 2 minutes, helping performance in large enterprise implementations.

In his posting, Chris provides a Powershell Script that modifies the TF Registry allowing you to set this to a lower number, even 0.  Apparently this will be lowered in a future service pack to TFS, but for now, we’ll need to change the setting manually. I have taken this down to 10 seconds and everything seems to be responding much better.

Thanks Chris!


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