The TFS 2010 Admin Tool is Finally Here!

Managing permissions can be frustrating.  Managing them in TFS 2010 can be a nightmare!  Permissions for each of the three tiers (TFS Application Tier, the Reporting Server, and the SharePoint Portal) each having different authorization management tools and settings makes configuration more painful than even the average masochist is willing to sign up for.  Even worse is when you are in a troubleshooting scenario with an end-user or client where things just don’t seem to be working correctly and you’re chasing down screwy permissions — Enter the TFS Admin Tool.

We all got spoiled using a pervious version of the tool in out 2005 and 2008 environments and it worked great until TFS 2010 came out.  Then it would only function if you had Visual Studio  2008 SP1 installed, leaving those of us who upgraded in the dust wanting for some way to wrangle our user permissions back under control.  I was a little worried about it working in my production scenario with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise in the mix as well as SSL encryption, but here it is and life is good again.

Special thanks to the hard work of  Ladislau Szomoru as well as the other contributors on CodePlex who have made my week.

You can download the TFS Admin Tool here:


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