Spell Check in TFS

One of the most-requested features in TFS is to add the ability to do spell check in the work items to avoid dumb typos being stored forever in the database. I am sincerely hoping that fully-integrated spell check is in the next version of Visual Studio, but in the meantime, there is another option.

Most of the fields on the Work Item screens don’t really need spell check, but it would be really great to have on the larger text fields that are used to story WI descriptions, acceptance criteria and things like that. If you are using the CMMI template you probably already have these as HTML fields and usually one of the first customizations that you had probably considered was swapping out these on the Agile and SCRUM template. Once you do this, many of the IE plug-ins that you’re using will become available to you.

I have ieSpell installed on my computer and it provides a full-featured spellcheck simply by right-clicking on the paragraph in the field. The days of misspellings in requirements and User Story Work Items are over.

IeSpell can be downloaded here: http://www.iespell.com/ It is free for personal use, but can be used in a corporate setting for a very reasonable cost.


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