Using MS Project 2010 for Software Development Projects – Work vs. Duration

There is a general misconception that Microsoft Project, or many of the commercially-available project management applications, doesn’t work well for software development projects. When talking with Project Managers and Architects, their trouble usually arises from scheduling and resource leveling. They’ve usually been burned by situations where countless hours have been invested into building out a project plan only to find that a minor change skews the plan into an almost unusable mess. There might be many things going on at the same time, but it usually boils down to an understanding of the difference between Duration and Work.

Interviewing Active Directory Engineers

One of the most difficult challenges an IT manager faces is hiring the right people. Finding the right employee is more than just looking for strong performance in a single area, but requires that you consider several different skill domains to not only measure technical ability, but to ensure that the prospective employee is a… Continue reading Interviewing Active Directory Engineers

High-Availability DHCP

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is at the core of almost every enterprise network forming a mission-critical service that is the cornerstone of reliable and simplifies workstation management. Yet, this service is usually configured as a single point of failure with little thought to high availability or disaster recovery. While longer lease durations are… Continue reading High-Availability DHCP